Bruno Hadjadj is a Production Designer based in Paris with worldwide representation by Operandi. His atypical career path has led him to work as a curator, designer, photographer and sculptor, offering a unique and varied artistic point of view in the various mediums.  




  • ALIZÉE — Julien Rotterman (Nicocorp)
  • ANGGUN — Jean-Baptiste Erreca (No Sacrifice)
  • BLANKASS — Juan Sollanas (Maquisard)
  • BTS — Hangyeol Lee (Keystone Films) ︎︎︎
  • CÉLINE DION — Chris Applebaum (Bande à Part Films)
  • CESARIA ÉVORA — Philippe Gauthier (Program 33 )
  • J5 — Raphael Frydman (MK2)
  • JAMIE O’NEAL — Lawrence Caroll (Squeak New York )
  • NUBIANS ƒeat. ROOTS — Piotr (Ambiguous New York)
  • PASCAL OBISPO — Fabrice Lafont (Nicocorp)
  • PATRICIA KAAS — Jean-Baptiste Erreca (No Sacrifice)
  • ROHF — Raphael Frydman (MK2)
  • SAEZ — Jean-Baptiste Erreca (No Sacrifice)
  • SHERINE WAGDY — Stéphanie Renard (Nicocorp)
  • URBAN K — Julien Seri (Exterieur Jour)

  • CANNES LIONS — Ford (Lion de Bronze) — Samsung (Nominated to Best Production Designer)
  • CLIO AWARDS — Croix Rouge International
  • CLUB DES DIRECTEURS ARTISTIQUES — Auchan (Silver Award) — Orange (Best Cinematography Award)
  • DEAUVILLE GREEN AWARDS — Croix Rouge International (Grand Prize)
  • EAST VILLAGE DOWNTOWN FILM FESTIVAL — Bandidos (Nominated to Best Movie)
  • EPICA AWARDS — Ford (Silver Award) — Orange (Bronze Award)
  • GRAND PRIX STRATÉGIES — International Committee of the Red Cross (Silver Award)
  • LIA — International Committee of the Red Cross (Silver Award)
  • NEW YORK FESTIVAL — Orange (Best Cinematography Bronze Medal)

  • Olivier Abbou, Chris Applebaum, Bruno Aveillan, Rodolphe Balaguer, Stéphane Barbato, Clément Beauvais, Julien Bittner, BRBR, Lawrence Caroll, Pascal Chaumeil, Vadim Chemlev, Manu Coeman, Simon Cracknell, Quentin Dupieux, Emma + Eliott, Jean-Baptiste Erreca, Luke Forsythe, Valentin Fougeray, Raphael Frydman, Philippe Gauthier, Maxime Govare, Yvan Grbovic, Julien Israel, Siraj Jhaveri, Ben Jones, Journe & Choukroun, Gérard Jugnot, Nicolas Kantor, Nicolas Koretsky, Hugues de La Brosse, Fabrice Lafont, Rémi Laudat, Pierre Le Goff, Édouard Le Scouarnec, Hangyeol Lee, Raphaël Levy, Lucy Luscombe, Paul Meijer, Davide Manuli, Lætitia Masson, Henry Miller, Nicolas Mingalon, Adrian Moyse, Christophe Navarre, Julien Paolini, Damien Peyret, Piotr, Luciano Podcaminsky, Delphine Quentin, Stéphane Renard, Julien Rotterman, Pierre-Henry Salfati, Jean-Baptiste Saurel, Julien Seri, Juan Sollanas, Bart Timmer, Laurent Tuel, Studio Wonderland, …

  • 1/33, 10.7, Academy Films, Ambiguous, Bande à Part Films, Big, Birth, Bollywood, Bridges, Calderon Films, Chifoumi, CQFD, Craft, Cream, DDB, Exterieur Jour, Fidélité Productions, Generator Films, HVH, Kamala Films, Kanibal Films, Keystone Films, Koloss, L’Atelier de production, La Pac, Landia, Le Criquet, Les Télécréateurs, Magnificat, Maquisard, MK2, Moonwalk, Nicocorp, No Sacrifice, Noir Productions, Ogilvy, Partizan, Première Heure, Prodigious, Program 33, Quad, Radical Media, Redrum, Room Service, Saatchi & Saatchi, Shooting Hope, Squeak, Torreros Productions, Wanda, Ze Prod, …


  • After studying sculpture and video in famous Parisian art schools (ENSAAMA,ENSAD), Bruno (b. 1965) moved to New York City in the mid 90’s where his visual artist activities were quickly noticed and his international career as a production designer was launched. Bruno returned to Paris in the early 2000’s where he created and launched one of the first concept fashion shops in Europe. Over the years he has worked with many emerging and established directors, and has not only established himself as an International Art Director, but has managed crews and shoots around the world, and even directed his own feature film in 2001. Bruno has had many solo art exhibitions (including at Comme Des Garçons in Tokyo),  and has a number of his art books published. He has also curated and produced well received Alternative Contemporary Art Fairs at the Bourse de Commerce in Paris and in  New York City.  His particular knowledge and practice of Fine Arts, Design and Filmmaking, brings a comprehensive and unique approach to each Director and project he collaborates with. 


  • Production Designer since 1995
    Member of Production Designers Collective and represented by Operandi
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  • Visual Artist/Art Director since 1989

  • Co-founder with Roberta Oprandi of spree 
    Fashion Art Design & Café in Montmartre since 2001

  • Founder and Curator of cutlog
    Contemporary art fair in Paris and New York from 2009 to 2014


  • ENSAD — École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs, Paris
  • ENSAAMA — École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Appliqués et des Métiers d'Art, Paris
  • CCIP — Upholstery, Paris

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